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Important Information on Pre-ignition

Pre-ignition is another extremely damaging event that can occur in any gasoline engine. It is distinctly different than Detonation and is much more destructive to an engine in a very short period of time if not identified and stopped.

Pre-ignition is defined as the ignition of the fuel/air mixture PRIOR to the spark plug firing on the compression stroke. That ignition is caused by some other source in the combustion chamber such as an overheated spark plug tip or glowing carbon deposits.

The result is that the engine works against itself on the compression stroke trying to compress the already expanded combustion gas. This out of sequence combustion results in a tremendous load on the engine. Pre-ignition creates excessive heat and substantial damage to the pistons, bearings, spark plugs and cylinders.

Pre-ignition is not easily detectable as it does not make an audible noise when it occurs. An engine experiencing pre-ignition will exhibit a lack of power and will run rough. Those symptoms are followed shortly by internal engine damage.

The following photos illustrate the results of pre-ignition on a gasoline engine. Failure of an engine from the effects of pre-ignition is not covered under the limited warranty.


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