Engine Oil Cooler Replacement



Assure that your engine is protected by replacing the engine oil cooler at the same time the engine is replaced. The old engine oil cooler will have material in it from the failed engine that will be transferred to the replacement engine.

Not every vehicle has an engine oil cooler. On the vehicles that do, the coolers can be contained within the engine cooling system or are a separate cooler. Some vehicles may have both.

In all cases, the engine oil cooler needs to be replaced. The cost of an oil cooler replacement is not covered under the engine limited warranty. Damage to your engine resulting from a clogged or contaminated oil cooler is not covered under the limited warranty.

From the installation tips for your engine

“A normal engine failure can result in bearing damage. Small particles and crankshaft material can enter and embed into the oil cooler core. These contaminates can remain embedded even if the oil cooler is flushed. Normal engine operating temperature fluctuation will cause the oil cooler core to expand and contract allowing the embedded particles to be released. If the oil cooler is reused after only flushing, these contaminates will enter the replacement engine’s oil supply and damage the engine.”



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