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Ford Dealers

How quickly can you get product to our dealership?

Holman Parts Distribution carries a huge inventory with 7 warehouses to provide next day delivery in most cases.

How do I return the core?

Holman Parts Distribution has RCRC (core recovery) trucks on the road collecting core for Ford Dealers across 17 states with the capability to pick up anything from a headlight to a diesel engine.

My import brand dealership gets powertrain delivered by the PDC. Why does Ford use you to distribute their powertrain products?

We carry 7 warehouses of inventory of Ford powertrain for the dealerships to service their customers as quickly as possible. We also provide a team of knowledgeable sales staff whose only job is to increase the sales of the Ford dealerships’ powertrain products.

I like to order my Ford parts using electronic ordering only. Can I do this with you?

Yes. We have an on line ordering tool which most of our customer use and find is the best and easiest way to order.  

I have a few people in my dealership parts department that still like to talk to someone when they order. Is this a service you provide?

Yes. In addition to an electronic ordering system, we also have staff available for you to talk to from 8am until 8pm Eastern Time.

Fleet Operators

Can I call one number to order for any make vehicle in my fleet?

Yes, not only do we service all of your needs with one number, we offer the most common fleet applications.

How long has Holman Parts been around?

Holman Parts Distribution started in 1946 as RMP and continues to be a leader in the automotive parts industry.

Is Holman Parts able to distribute product nationwide?

Yes, we have warehouses strategically placed across the nation to allow quick delivery to any location.

Can you offer my fleet any kind of training?

We have training from specific products such as the 6.7L Ford to IDS training to teach technicians about the tools available to work on their fleet vehicles.

I see you have a distribution location map on the website. Am I calling that location when I order parts?

No, our call center is located in Pennsauken NJ. The map shows where we house and distribute the product.

Can you provide EDI with the fleet company's accounting department?



Can you supply for any make or model?

We specialize in repowering truck fleets. Most of the truck fleets in the United States consist of a heavy mix of Ford and GM vehicles but we also supply most other fleet applications.

Do you charge my fleet company for the core?

Once your fleet is signed up with us, we charge only for the exchange portion and will work with your teams to retrieve the core.

Contact An Expert

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