Holman Parts Distribution Discusses the Benefits of OE Powertrain Units with Modern WorkTruck Solutions

A comprehensive OE-focused powertrain sourcing strategy can help minimize a fleet’s long-term cost of ownership while also optimizing vehicle uptime.

Holman Parts Distribution recently joined Modern WorkTruck Solutions to examine the benefits of original equipment (OE) powertrain units as compared to reverse-engineered alternatives. In the article, Holman Parts Distribution emphasizes the importance of distinguishing between cost and value, noting that the best value for a vocational fleet may be the powertrain unit that minimizes vehicle downtime rather than one with the lowest invoice.

The article also looks at some of the additional hidden costs of a typically associated with a reverse-engineered powertrain unit along with the sometimes overly complicated and restrictive warranty coverage.

To read the full article, please visit Modern WorkTruck Solutions and to learn more about Holman Parts Distribution’s comprehensive powertrain sourcing model specifically developed for fleet operators, please click here.