General Services Administration


Offering local, state, and federal government agencies a streamlined option for procurement of OE powertrain components

For governmental organizations, the vehicles in your fleet are much more than just cars and trucks; they are indispensable tools your employees need to provide essential services. Our contract with GSA allows Holman Parts to reduce the time, cost, and administrative burden of obtaining OE powertrain components through the traditional bid process.


Key Benefits:

Nationwide delivery of most in-stock units within 48 hours

No-risk core return policy for major OE units

OE backed warranties

Consistent nationwide pricing

You can view the top contracted GSA products here. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Holman Parts is happy to provide a variety of OE products at a competitive cost. Check out our products page to find the right product to fit your needs.

Through this contract, Holman Parts, a division of Holman Enterprises, provides access to a variety of specialized equipment and upfit solutions through its leading work truck upfitter Auto Truck Group, empowering you to customize your fleet vehicles for a wide-range of vocational applications.

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